An Introduction to No Deposit Casino Bonuses


Online casinos have changed the way people have gambled right through the ages. Now, you do not have to make your way to the nearest land-based casino to play your favorite gambling game. You can play the game of your choice – and you can choose from the complete list of games available at the casino – right from your home. With the mobile casino making an appearance the scene gets even better – all you need is a smartphone or a tablet and you are on!

All online casinos offer promotions to their players in an attempt to corner a larger share of the player base compared to their competition. There are a range of different promotions available at the different online casinos. These range from free money to free spins to comp points and more. One of the popular promotions that you see at quite a few of the online casinos today is the no deposit casino bonus.

What is a No Deposit Casino Bonus?

A no deposit casino bonus, as the name suggests, is a bonus that does not require you to deposit funds into your casino account. This means that the casino gives you free money that you use to fund your real money play. What this does is it allows you to keep your personal bankroll on hold and use the casino’s money to play. Free money is a good thing, and that is why this bonus is so popular today.

On the flip side, this is one promotion that you do not see in all online casinos. That is because, at the end of it all, it is the casino who is putting up the money. And not too many online casinos may be comfortable with the fact of sharing money with their players. While that may sound odd given the fact that the casino makes its money out of the funds transferred by the player, that is how things are on the ground.

More about a No Deposit Casino Bonus

There are different types of no deposit bonuses that online casinos offer new players. Some of them involve money, while others involve game-specific actions, like free spins. In terms of the no deposit bonus involving free money, there are again two main types: the no deposit bonus with a smaller amount and the no deposit bonus with a larger amount attached.

While the amount may vary, what remains the same is the fact that it is all for free. Of course, most of the time the bonus with the larger purse has a time constraint – you have to finish playing the game within the time period specified in the promotion.

Regardless of the type of no deposit bonus promotion you will need to fulfill the wagering requirements and other terms and conditions attached to this bonus. Only then will you be able to access the funds that come into your account through the no deposit bonus.