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Why Solar?

No one needs to tell you that your electricity rates are continuing to increase; you get a reminder in the mail every month. In fact, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) the cost of electricity in California has increased 85 percent in the last 20 years – and even more in other states.

The question is: what can you do about it? One solution – the sun – comes up every morning.  Solar electricity offers a limitless supply of clean, safe, renewable energy for heat and power. And it’s more affordable, more efficient and more reliable than ever.


The advantages of solar and other renewable power sources are many: more independence from imported fossil fuels, cleaner air, diversity of power sources, relief from volatile energy prices, job creation, and greater economic development. Solar power is a powerful weapon in the battle against pollution and global warming. All over the world, solar energy systems reduce the need to build more carbon- and nuclear-powered plants.

As the cost of solar technology has come down, solar adoption has grown worldwide at a rate of 40-50 percent annually. According to Bloomberg, solar installations in 2012 grew at a rate of 73 percent in the US and in some states, the cost of solar is already less than the cost of traditional electricity.

We look forward to building a brighter more sustainable future for you and your family, one sunny day at a time. Let’s make your roof work for you!

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