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Solar For Everyone

OneRoof Energy is a full service solar company dedicated to saving homeowners money on their electric bills and supporting the country’s transition toward clean and renewable energy.  At OneRoof Energy, we believe that solar electricity should be affordable, which is why we offer a variety of solar panel financing options for our customers.  We’re confident that we can find a way to get solar panels on your roof and extra money in your wallet.


Experience That Matters

Maybe you’re asking yourself, “Why should I choose OneRoof Energy rather than one of the other solar companies?”  Well, we have a pretty good answer for that. The OneRoof Energy team has a proven track record in renewable energy and expertise in solar panel financing and structuring.


We Make Solar Easy And Affordable For Every Homeowner

The first time you give OneRoof Energy a call, you will be in good hands. Our knowledgeable solar technicians will use our advanced SunOpps® software to help you determine your current energy usage and then to recommend a financing option that fits your specific budget and energy needs.

We offer a variety of payment options through our SolarSelect® financing program, including choices that require little or no money down. You don’t have to save up for years and years to afford solar panels. Now, you can start harnessing the power of the sun and watching your meter spin backwards right away.


Warmly Received By The Solar Community

We think that we offer excellent customer service and the best solar products of any solar company around, but you don’t have to take our word for it. OneRoof Energy was honored by Solar Power World Magazine in 2013, when they named us a top residential contractor in the U.S. This distinction was especially pleasing, as the competition among of solar companies was stiff.

We are well aware that other solar companies are vying for your business, but we know that our full-service approach and ongoing solar support help us stand out from the pack.


Strategic Partners

OneRoof Energy is backed by some of the world’s most reputable financial institutions, including Morgan Stanley Inc., Black Coral Capital Alternergy and strategic financial partner, Hanwha Group. Hanwha is an 88 billion dollar global industry leader fully integrated in all parts of the photovoltaic (PV) supply chain, from mining poly silicon to manufacturing ingots, wafers, cells and highly efficient modules. Black Coral is a privately held fund investing exclusively in clean tech and renewable energy. OneRoof Energy’s strategic partners are committed to the renewable energy space, so that you can have confidence that we will be here for you today… and tomorrow.


Constant Growth

The solar industry is constantly growing and improving, and it is our mission to stay on top of all of those changes. As opportunities to improve our services, lower costs and increase customer satisfaction present themselves we are eager to embrace them and adapt. As a leading solar company we feel it is our responsibility to our customers to continue to provide them with the very best the industry has to offer.


Customer Satisfaction

At the end of the day our customer’s satisfaction is our biggest concern. You trust us to provide you with the best solar equipment, financing and service. We pride ourselves on offering energy savings guarantees and fully warranted, monitored and maintained solar power systems for our leased and power purchase agreement customers. Our guarantee means that if you don’t see the energy savings we promised, we will send you a check for the difference. Additionally, if something breaks on your leased or PPA system, our continuous monitoring will pick up on it, and we will send a technician to fix your system at no charge to you.  In other words, our customers get all of the benefits of solar energy without any of the worries that can come with owning expensive technology.

Give us a call today and you’ll see how friendly and helpful our team is.

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“We’re happy we chose OneRoof Energy as our solar provider. Knowing how much we are going to be saving on electicity in 25 years, makes going solar an easy decision.” — Talley Family