Solar for Schools

OneRoof Energy Soalr For Schools Program

We will donate at least $500 to your school for every solar system*

OneRoof Energy isn’t just committed to producing clean renewable energy for today; we are committed to creating an altogether better world for the kids that will inherit this Earth tomorrow.

That includes giving back to groups and organizations that share the same goals.  Our Solar for Schools program is designed to help schools raise the funding they need to grow the kids of today into the leaders of tomorrow.

Schools typically use a range of fundraising tactics including silent auctions, golf tournaments, fairs, box tops and car washes. All of these activities contribute to supporting athletics, after school programs, music and art programs. However, many schools still face a growing funding shortfall each year.  Our Solar for Schools initiative is designed to make school fundraising faster, easier and more profitable.

How the program works

The program is simple. For example, with our SolarSelect lease you can convert to solar power and lower your electric bill immediately without spending a penny up front. At the same time OneRoof energy will donate at least $500.00 to the school of their choice*. This great offer is available to all teachers, friends and family of the school.

That means if fifty families go solar the school will receive around $25,000*. We think it’s a great way to support our local schools without baking a single cupcake.

Benefits to the school*

Benefits to you

10 Families = $5,000

Zero out of pocket cost

20 Families = $10,000

Immediately lower your electric bill

50 Families = $25,000

Free equipment and installation

100 Families = $50,000

Free on-going monitoring and maintenance

How Solar for Schools compares to other popular fundraisers
Solar For Schools- rewards program from OneRoof EnergyReady to get started?

Are you ready to help a school in your area and save money? Simply enter your details into the form below and one of our energy consultants will be in touch to answer any questions and give you a free, no obligation assessment of how much you can save.

*Not valid with other offers or promotions. Restrictions may apply. Donation will vary based on the size of the system installed, most donations will be at least $500.

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