How The SolarSelect® Program Works

It’s all about giving you options. Including zero down.

If you’ve ever leased a car or thought about leasing one, that’s very similar to how the SolarSelect® leasing program works. Instead of paying for the solar system outright, you’ll be financing it, and making low monthly payments.

Many people don’t realize that utility companies charge more per kilowatt, as you use more energy. By replacing some of your energy with solar energy, you’re reducing the amount of kilowatts you buy from your utility company – and you’re paying lower rates.

In other words, the amount you pay for the energy from OneRoof Energy will be lower than the premium rates you’d otherwise be paying your utility company.

Every month, you’ll simply make your OneRoof Energy solar payment, and all the electricity produced by the system is yours.

You’ll still be buying some of your energy from your utility company. But the total of your solar lease payment and your reduced utility payment will immediately be less than your current electric bill.  Saving you money from day one.


The other great thing about getting our SolarSelect® program? You can decide what you want your payment to be for the solar energy system…based on how much you want to pay up front.

If you’d like to pay nothing up front and just make your monthly payments, that’s fine. If you’d rather put some money down and have the payments adjusted downward, that’s fine too.

The whole point is to give you options and flexibility. You won’t have to tie up a big chunk of your money with buying a system – so you’ll have more cash to use on other expenses every month, or just to spend on your family and enjoy life.

And by financing the system, you don’t have any of the burden or worry about maintaining the system – we’ll take care of all of that.


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