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We are a complete solar service provider, which means we handle your home solar installation from start to finish so you can sit back and relax while our experienced and expertly trained installers get your home solar energy system installed.


We’re able to help you design the best solar energy system for your home and your budget while creating an affordable financing program that works side-by-side with your long term goals.


Because we believe you should get your cake and eat it too, we’ll monitor and maintain your system continuously throughout the length of our agreement – with no additional cost to you.

OneRoof Energy – Making Home Solar a One-Stop Shop

Why Solar Energy?

You’ve probably heard that solar panels can save your money. And that’s true. You’ve probably also heard that they’re too expensive for most people to afford. We’re happy to inform you, that is not true.

The cost of solar panels has declined by 60% over the last few years. Making now the perfect time to get a solar estimate for your home. That’s where OneRoof Energy can help you.

Will solar work for me?

You probably understand that solar power will save you money. But you may not be sure if it will work for your home.
The best solar candidates have:


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“I was happy when I learned all the environmental benefits of my new solar system, but when my bills went from $180 a month down to $13, now that something to get excited about!” — Ross Family